Spencer Paddling
Paddling in the Chesapeake Bay

In the not too distant past, my life as I knew it fell apart.  In most of what I considered pursuing next, I saw barriers – prerequisites that included credentials or a significant investment of time and resources.  While grappling with what to do, I unearthed a watercolor set that was given to me as a Christmas gift some years prior. I dusted it off and started exploring how to use it, what I could make with it.  I felt free and empowered to simply make a painting. The only barriers I had to overcome were my beliefs about not being an artist, or at least being a “good” one. Painting gave me a way to contribute and connect with people while being unemployed and socially isolated.

I have been making art ever since, primarily with watercolor, and learning as a self-taught artist.  I really enjoy watercolor as a medium because water has a life of its own. It moves and flows and evaporates, which leads to challenge, surprise and spontaneity.  I enjoy it most when I approach it as a collaboration without trying too hard to impose my own agenda.

My process for deciding what to paint and draw has been a bit haphazard, choosing scenes that capture my attention and curiosity.  Now I’m working to develop a more cohesive story around what motivates the art I create. From the beginning of my art-making venture I have had a desire and intention to create art as a way of “connecting to what matters to us.”  The series that I’m currently working on, “Landmarks”, is my attempt to help us connect to the places that matter to us through art.

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