Spencer Paddling
Paddling in the Chesapeake Bay

Once upon a time, I finally acknowledged the work I was doing to make money and the graduate degree I was working on weren’t meeting, and were not going to meet, important needs of mine.  So I took a break from them.  Without having a clear plan for what to do next, I dusted off and opened a watercolor set that had been given to me as a birthday gift several years previous.  I have been learning, experimenting and making art, mostly with watercolor.

I am beginning with a theme of “connecting to life through art.”  Connecting to life has been an important part of my learning about and integrating Compassionate Communication and I’m excited about the possibility of connecting these two passions of mine.

My plan is to continue making paintings that cover a broad range of subject matter, and sharing them on pages within this website.  Please join me in this venture by following me on social media or signing up for my newsletter!  Contact me by using the information included on the contact page.