Landmark Portraits
I’m having fun collaborating with others to capture and commemorate places that are meaningful to us through art. Is there a place that is special to you that I can help you capture in a painting?

Pet Portraits
I’m happy to paint a portrait of your pet! I do line (ink) and wash (watercolor) and purely watercolor portraits.

Human Portraits
I’m rather inexperienced and challenged by making portraits of humans. And often I’m willing to take on the challenge. Let’s talk!

Other Commissioned Artwork
I’d love to talk with you about other art commissioned work you might like to ask me to do! Please click on the “Contact” page and let’s get the ball rolling.

I’m pricing my artwork at $3.00 per square inch. So for example, for a 5 x 7″ painting I’m asking for (5*7)*$3.00 = $105. And if this is more than you can afford I’d love to talk with you to explore a price that works for you.