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A lamp on the beach,
tarnished brass, gritty with sand,
so weighty, it took all my mustering

to lug it home,
I worked through the night
polishing, rubbing,
evicting crabs, sea shells,
what seemed like memories.

a vigorous final rub
I step back and
a being appears
bedraggled, dirty,
with weary, drooping shoulders

we gaze into each others eyes
with curiosity and awe

after an eternity
i spit on my polishing cloth,
rub a smudge from her forehead


my dear, what is your wish?

Genie Lamp on a beach watercolor painting

~ Poetry by Susan J Schmickle @ September 27, 2019
~ Painting by Spencer Riddile

2 thoughts on “Genie

  1. You both are inspiring and to have you collaborate on your soul path is beautiful to witness. Thank you so much for sharing your inner light with us.

    1. It’s been fun and I’m glad it inspires you! You’re welcome!

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