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I’ve decided to delve more deeply and fully into my self expression through watercolor painting by starting this blog.  As my artistic expression and this blog emerge and evolve, I am eager to find “my voice”, an over arching theme that captures my passion and paintings.  I am beginning with a theme of “connecting with life through art”.
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  1. Spencer,

    I look forward to your show at The Lotus. I love you ability to use art as a catharsis for self expression. I am currently working on a similar project with Photography and a book I am writing.

    Your works are outstanding! I would love to see a Children’s Book written and illustrated by you!

    Best Wishes,


    1. Mary,

      Fun receiving your comment! The other audios that I’m planning to share include other sounds and people sharing stories. So there will be some variety and not just me talking. I’m excited hearing about your creative project and book writing. And thanks for encouraging me to do a children’s book. I’ve thought of that but seems like a big project. Hope to meet you at The Lotus.

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